About Us

Established in 2010, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, QUESTCONT has quickly evolved as market leader in microcontroller based instruments. Our team of engineers leaves no stone unturned to set the highest benchmark of quality while designing, developing and upgrading products to meet client’s expectations. We believe that instrument is the heart of automation process and hence our goal is to develop a strong-functioning heart.


We look at industry as the backbone of the country’s development process. Better the equipment, brighter the chances of progress. Our contribution to the progress of the nation is at the heart of our vision at QUESTCONT.

Our mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality instruments and controls. Through continuous research and development, we are constantly upgrading the quality and functionality of the instruments we manufacture. Each of our instrument has passed through several improvement cycles and that process continues. There is nothing like a final quality, sky is the limit. A highly qualified and experienced team of engineers extensively work to improve the quality of existing instruments. We also encourage clients to come forward and point out any discrepancies, as user feedback is a crucial part of our improvement process.


With the goal of constantly improving on previous models, QUESTCONT does NOT believe in compromising on quality to save costs. We have confidence in our products because of our single-minded focus on quality.


We offer QUEST-BACKUP to clients, which is our warranty and full after sales service and support to the end-users for peace of mind and. This is our assurance to the customer for non-stop performance of the instrument.


We offer a one-year full warranty for our instruments to our clients. We understand the importance of interruption-free operation of instruments on the production line. QUEST-BACKUP is our warranty and full after-sales support. We provide precision engineering at a very high Output v/s Cost ratio.